Guide to Sharing at TNP

  • Aim to keep the sharing to 15 minutes
  • Have one main passage to meditate on
  • Write out a manuscript and practice reading through it so that:
    • You don't look like you are just reading and
    • You don't rush through it

  • Constantly work on your heart and character to match your life and works.
    This goes beyond just this moment, but it's important because it impacts the validity and weightiness of the words we share.
  • Seek God in prayer and personal intimacy.
    This cannot be stressed enough. We need God to move and work in people's hearts.
  • Pray for and be involved with the people of the church who you want to bless.
    We are not guest speakers or gifted communicators first. We are first servants and shepherds.
  • Always aim for transformation over information.
    Avoid creating a lecture, keep things personal and speak with passion.

  • What do I want them to know?
  • Why do I want them to know it?
  • What do I want them to do?
  • Why do I want them to do it?
  • How am I going to have them remember it?
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