Mentoring Trips

Cornerstone Church curates unique experiences through mentoring trips, helping to expand a Kingdom vision and build up one's faith. With a small and intimate group, you will spend 3-4 days together, visiting unique places and people to learn and grow together. You'll meet some incredible men and women of faith along the way, learning from their wealth of their own knowledge and experience.

Previous mentoring trips were held in New York, New Jersey, Texas, South Korea, and Türkiye.

What is a mentoring trip?

Mentoring trips are not vacations.

Rather, they are specially curated spiritual journeys taken as a group and focused on worship and discipleship. For this reason, it is required to have hearts that are open, attentive, prayerful and alert throughout the trip.

Members of mentoring trips are considered a "team."

As a team, the team schedule is strictly adhered to by all members of the team and all programs require mandatory participation.

Mentoring trips are not only for receiving but also giving.

For the greatest opportunity for blessing and growth, generosity is essential during mentoring trips. Being gracious with team members and carrying one another's burdens is highly encouraged. Also, any remaining funds for any trip will be donated to our hosts, which will be decided as a team.



Morning Devotionals
Each morning, we will spend time together in worship and in God's Word that pertains to the theme of the trip.
Evening Debriefs
Each night, we will take time to share our thoughts from the day and spend time in worship and prayer.
Tour and enjoy each unique location.
Mentoring Sessions
Special guests will present private seminars to our group on various topics related to the theme of the trip.
Special Meals
Joined by special guests, we'll have a more informal setting to be encouraged by one another.
And more!
Each mentoring trip is truly unique and may have additional special programs.