We believe that the local church is commissioned by Jesus Christ to be the primary means of "making disciples of all nations." (Matthew 28:16-20) Therefore, Cornerstone Church is committed to fulfilling the Great Commission by equipping, sending and caring for short-term and long-term missionaries with Gospel partnerships around the world.

2024 Missions Projects


Dates: 4/28 to 5/5


Dates: 7/21 to 7/31


Dates: 10/7 to 10/17

Our Mission Objectives


Training those we send out is important to ensure we have the right heart to help those we meet and are well prepared to do so. 


We send out multiple teams a year to assist other missionaries worldwide and impact countless lives both materially and spiritually.


Our missionaries are one of the most important resources that God places in our care. We ensure our missionaries are prayed for and supported.

Stories from Short Term Missions



What did you learn about missions through the trip?
Through our recent trip to Mango House, I was able to experience firsthand that the same God working in our lives at Cornerstone is the same God who is working and present in the lives of our brothers and sisters in Chiang Mai!... The more I learned about what is important to God, the more clear it became that the local church and missions go hand in hand.  This is so, because the church is meant to be the face of the world of Jesus Christ – in our own communities to every corner of the world.


What did you learn about missions through the trip?
Going on short term missions to Thailand was an eye opening experience to witness firsthand the amazing ways that God is working in the lives of the children of Mango House and the people there. To see God’s love and the gospel of Jesus Christ transforming lives halfway across the world, made me realize how deep and how wide God’s love is for us and His amazing power for all who believe, everywhere!


How did having a sender help you for missions?
Having a sender helped me realize that I have a brother to rely on in prayer. During take off I thought of all those that supported me and took the time to speak to me about missions. Coming back home made me realize how much of a blessing it is to have someone that is supporting me in prayer everyday before, during, and after I came back home.


How did having a sender help you for missions?
Having a sender is having another set of eyes to see my heart and my motives... and I get to see God answering prayers by remembering the prayer topics I shared with my sender, it makes me look forward and excited to share what I had witnessed when I meet my sender.


How has being an accountability partner grown your love for missions?
Since being Elisha's accountability partner since January 2023, my overall curiosity and prayer life has grown for MBC and Tanzania. Elisha knows she can share any updates with me (whether they be praise reports or urgent prayer requests) and I genuinely felt like I have a connection to the missionaries, the seminarians, and God's work being done there by way of Elisha's commitment and ongoing ministry there. Had it not been for these ongoing conversations, I think I would have felt very disconnected and apart from missions here at Cornerstone; I also have a growing heart to visit MBC one day too, so I can go and see first-handedly the seeds being sown and fruit being multiplied. My accountability with Elisha gives me a bigger perspective beyond my little kingdom here in Queens, NY and it brings me joy to lift up brothers and sisters of Tanzania with her.