Guide to Church Office Use

Cornerstone Church Office Guidelines

Address: 14-16A Clintonville Street
Whitestone, NY 11357

Office Access

  • The office is only available for personal use when there are no scheduled ministry meetings, prayer gatherings, classes, training sessions, pastoral office hours, or visitations. Please check the church’s master Google calendar beforehand. And in the event a last-minute meeting or gathering is scheduled for ministry purposes, please be willing to vacate the office space. 
  • The office will be occupied Tuesdays-Thursdays from 6am-4pm and Fridays from 6am-2pm.
  • The office should not be used between the hours of 2am-6am daily.
  • The code to the lockbox with the key will only be available to Cornerstone members. When you use the key to enter the office, please return the key back to the lockbox after you leave. Non-members are welcomed to use the office but will not have access to a key.

Office Use

  • Please clean up after yourselves! There should be no perishables or opened food or drinks after you leave. And please put the furniture back to their original layout if they were moved. 
  • If you want to keep non-perishable, unopened food or drinks for meetings such as CG, please clearly label the items and put them away in the storage closet.
  • Do not change the settings on the media and worship team equipment without getting permission from the media team leader (Pastor Joseph Ryu) and worship team leader (Jimmy Pang).
  • Turn off all the lights and heater/AC before leaving the office.
  • Trash guidelines coming soon!

Please Note

  • Please street park only. Do not park in the parking spaces in front or on the side of the building. The only exception is that families with infants (under the age of 2) may park in the front lot of the office before 9am and after 7:30pm daily.
  • There is a Ring camera installed inside the office for security purposes since it is a public space.

Office Wi-fi

  • Please scan the QR-Code provided for office wi-fi access.
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